I’ve done so many things over the years that sometimes it’s hard to keep track. Luckily, keeping track of things is kind of my passion.

New York, New York

  • In September 2014 I moved to NYC to become the office manager for Wildcard, and I worked there up until support for the app ended in March 2016.
  • In May 2016 I joined Some Spider as the office (happiness) manager but also with both the ScaryMommy and Cafe teams on various projects. The teams there do amazing work, but I was still searching for my home, and:
  • In January 2017 I found a home with Flashpoint as their Operations Manager. Later that year, I moved over to the Information Technology team where I now work as the IT Administrator and Queen of JIRA (the second title is unofficial…for now).


Since May 2012 I’ve been working for BronyCon, the world’s first (yes, there are many) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention. I’ve worn a lot of hats. Here they are by year.

  • BronyCon June 2012 (Meadowlands Expo Center, Secaucus, NJ): Head of AV, Layout
  • BronyCon 2013 (Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD): Head of AV
  • BronyCon 2014 (Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD): Deputy Head of Events, Layout
  • BronyCon 2015 (Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD): Deputy Head of Events, Head of Layout, Convention Operations Staff
  • BronyCon 2016 (Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD): Events Logistics Head, Head of Layout, Helpdesk Superadmin
  • BronyCon 2017 (Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD): Deputy Head of External Operations - in charge of Layout
  • BronyCon 2018 (Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD): Convention Operations Layout Manager

Other Projects

  • I maintain the Basic Land Art site, a view of the artwork of every basic land in the card game Magic: The Gathering, different from other land art sites for being just the art without scraping card scans.
  • I produce a bi-weekly podcast about videogames called Cartridge with my friends Mike and Twig. You can listen on the website or subscribe to us in iTunes.
  • I did a brief stint as a Let’s Player. You can watch my videos on YouTube if you want. I’m unlikely to do it again, but who knows?

Where to Find Me